Testing machines:
TR-A / TR-A Pleated blinds / TR-A Exterior Roller blinds / TR-A Screen / TR-A Roof blinds

The TR-A is lift for inspecting lightweight fabric rollers for interiors. As with the rest of the
lift versions, no standard sizes are offered – everything is tailor made to customer’s needs.
The same applies to the equipment options. The lift can be operated by foot with two
footswitches up / down in the simplest version or by means of buttons. We can improve this
process by using a control cabinet with a touch panel, from which the roller bind height can
be controlled. Depending on the accuracy a roller blind manufacturer wants to achieve, we
offer two types of drives – cheaper with a accuracy up to 1mm or more expensive, which is
able to provide an accuracy of up to 0.1mm.
In addition to the design and drive, the tester is also equipped with universal handles for roller
blinds in cassettes and free hanging roller blinds wound only on a tube. The operator can
check the width of the roller blind by means of glued on measuring gauges or in a higher
version, this value can be displayed on the digital display attached to the sliding handle. In
the most advanced version, the handles automatically extend to the desired width.

On request TR-S: steel version.

Tester Rolet materiałowych