Testing machines

Testing machines:
TR-A / TR-A Pleated blinds / TR-A Exterior Roller blinds / TR-A Screen / TR-A Roof blinds

Automatic testing machines, also referred to as blinds inspection hoists, are devices designed
for manufacturers who want to inspect the quality of their products. Thanks to this, they are
able to limit the number of returns and, consequently, reduce the company's costs. Inspection
hoists can be used to test fabric blinds, day&night roller blinds, pleated blinds, roof blinds or
even external blinds, screens or awnings. Our blinds inspection hoists stand out in comparison
to other devices of this type primarily due to their stable structure, automation, ease of use and
reliability. We are the only Polish manufacturer of blinds inspection hoists, especially
dedicated for the inspection of external blinds, trusted (and recommended) by the largest
Polish companies in the industry.

The structure of blinds inspection hoists is made of aluminium profiles; the hoist is based on
widely spaced supports, which provides stability. This is important due to the mobile,
electrically driven horizontal working bar. In addition, stability is gained thanks to the
appropriate assembly – to the ceiling, room's structure, the floor or, in the case of small hoists
for light roller blinds, to the fabric cutting table. With larger blinds inspection hoists, the
structures are additionally reinforced. We always manufacture hoists tailored to the customer's
needs – the customer determines what are the maximum dimensions of the blinds to be
inspected, and according to these parameters, the blinds inspection hoist is priced and