Semi-automatic drilling machine for exterior roller blinds and gates

The drilling machine is used for drilling holes in exterior roller blinds’ guides. This is a semi-
automatic device with a programmable bumper, i. e. the operator enters the profile length and
the number of holes and the drill program determines the intervals at which they are to be
found. The operator operates the drill levers and picks up drilled profiles. The bumper moves
the strip to the next hole position. The bumper returns to its initial position after work has
finished. It is possible to fully automate the drill – the drill can recognize the size of the
workpiece and, according to the collected data, determine the number and spacing of holes.
In this case, the operator’s sole task is to feed and receive the material.

Like most automated devices, the drill can be combined with the company’s production program by means of a scanner, label printer and customized software.