TR-A Exterior Roller blinds

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For exterior roller blinds it is possible to use testers with only vertical drive (option recommended
especially for smaller manufacturers) or with vertical and horizontal drive. Both these options are
marked in the version name as 1 – horizontal drive and 2 – vertical and horizontal drive.


This tester is designed for testing large and heavy exterior roller blinds and is a lower version
of TR-A Universal SERWO: the height of which is powered by an electric geared motor and a
encoder is controlled from the touch panel, moreover the width distance between holders is
set manually by the lift operator, while the clamps themselves are universal pneumatic clamps
adjustable to many types of boxes. These holders make it easier to install the roller blinds on
the tester and, to a greater extent than hand grips, ensure compatibility for newly
manufactured boxes.


Version TR-A Max with universal holders, equipped with an additional drive which is responsible for extending the holders to the required width. The additional drive is powered by stepper motors with gearboxes.

TR-A Universal Serwo 1

This tester version combines TR-A Serwo reliability with the cost-effectiveness of lower versions. The servo motor provides dimensional reproducibility and faultless operation, while manual holder movement significantly reduces the price compared to the highest version.

TR-A Universal Serwo 2

Tester designed for large manufacturers. Horizontal control (the holders spread open
automatically to the desired distance) and vertical control is carried out via the touch panel.
The lift is equipped with pneumatic, universal holders, which make it easier to mount the
roller blind on the lift and speed up production time. The work of the operator is limited to
entering the dimensions of the roller blind and putting it on the grips. All drives are equipped
with 3 servo motors, which provide an accuracy of up to 0.1 mm and regulate themselves, so
there is no need to zero (reset) the machine during operation.


TR-A MIX Universal 2

It is also possible to use stepper motors on horizontal drives instead of servo motors. Drive
responsible for vertical motion – servo motor. This is an option for people who need precise
height measurement and cannot afford to spend their production time on zeroing the device
every few, several cycles. It is a solution for companies requiring the highest version
functionality, but looking for savings.