TR-A Screen

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tester screen

Due to the growing popularity of screens, we have introduced a tester to our offer that helps
verify screens. Most of the systems that we had the chance to test have a zip roller blind,
which has to be in the right place in relation to the guide. Hence a problem with mounting the
guide on the roller blind being tested. This problem becomes particularly troublesome when
the operator has to test a tall roller blind, e. g. a four-metre roller blind. We managed to solve
this problem by redesigning universal holders for exterior roller blinds. With the new holders
featuring a built-in guide, screen roller blind testing does not require any exceptional
capabilities from the operator. The TR-A Screen tester program works in the same way as
other exterior roller blind testers and, like in their case, 5 versions of this model are available.
You can choose between the number and type of drives used, which have a final effect on the
final price of the product.