Design and production of custom-made workstand and devices

We are constantly trying to improve our products and come up with newer and newer devices that facilitate daily work. But it is you, our customers, who are experts in your business and sometimes listening to our customers is the best way to come up with a good product. Therefore, apart from modifications to our standard products, which can be done at special request (like adding a feature or removing a feature or making an entire modification) we also offer design and production of new machines that fulfil expectations of our customers. We will be happy to discuss and implement any ideas on a specific device our customers may have. If you already face a problem but have not yet a concept for a device to handle it, we will make every effort to assist you by designing a suitable machine or work stand. When designing we ensure ergonomic use of our products. We will offer the services of our design studio that works with a 3D design software and 3D printer to print prototype components. All our devices and workstands conform with EU standards.