Cutting station

The aluminium saws / stations for cutting:
PA ø600 – Saw for exterior roller blinds / PA ø300 / PA ø350 Mosquito nets / Cutting station / Gauge

Apart from the saws on our offer, we can also offer a cutting station with an off-the-shelf saw. This workstation features two 2m and 2.5m long feeding tables. Under the table tops shelves have been provided for storing finished products or components needed for production. On longer table tops, a sliding bumper is mounted, which is programmable from the touch panel level. The saw itself is levelled so that the cut fabric is at the table top level and adjusted to be on the perforated plate under which a chute for chips and cuttings is provided. An arm with pneumatic connection and a gun to clean the workplace is mounted above the saw. The customer may choose whether the work tables are to be supplied with rollers or table tops covered with antistatic lining. Additionally, it is possible to opt out from the bumper driven by a servo motor and the touch panel, and in stead use a manual adjustment of the gauge. With the manual option, the distance can be read out with a measuring tape on the table or by means of a digital display and magnetic strip.