Pneumatic guillotine for cutting fabrics for pleated blinds

Pneumatic device with a knife and counter blade, fabrics guides with a total length of 3m, and control (start) pedal, and cover. It is used for cutting folded pleats fabric. Guillotine handles even difficult fabrics.

Instead of measuring tape with manual locking gauge, we propose the use of magnetic measuring system with digital display. With this solution it is possible to achieve an accuracy of 0.1 mm.

Another option is automated guillotine with programmable gauge, with the use of a servo motor, gearbox, touch panel. The operator inputs the width of the pleated blind to the panel – the bumper that serves as a base, goes to the distance, the operator positions the fabric, pushes “start” on the panel – fabric is holded and then cutted.

If your company uses scanners and label printers at different stages of production, they can also be used with a programmable bumper guillotine. In such a situation, the program is adapted to the existing program in the company.

pneumatic guillotine with display

Guillotine for cutting fabrics for pleated blinds